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Core/Entities: Warlock pet base damage table fix
Core/Entities: Warlock pet base damage table fix

This is a plot of all the wowwiki datapoints, with stock trinity and sunwells felguard for comparison. There are many datapoints that are missing, if anyone have any sources to fill in let me know asap, but there's reason to suspect Blizzard reduced the damage at lvl 60 and 70 for balancing reason back in the day. Other than that it seems to be more or less smooth curves.
This solution will scale the pets as illustrated on this image.
Interpolated the tables from wowwiki and kept it strictly monotonic, ignoring damage values lower than previous levels. This can be discussed, but the alternative would be the zigzagged progression as shown on the graph above. I suspect this monotonic will be closer to the actual blizzlike values as the wowwiki table is missing far to many data points in the 60-80 range.

warlock pet
Fear famous bug

I think everyone are know about famous bug related with Fear, when target are accelerating or teleporing and difficult for melee to control it.
Position synchronization

Hi guys!

I think many ppl have seen bug on big count of wow projects with position asynchronization. 

We have fixed it

movement synchronization
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