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Trial of Crusader rewritten

Hi guys !

We have a good news, Trial of Crusader has been rewritten:
* Rewritten Gormok encounter
* Rewritten Snobold Vassal Script
* Rewritten Jormungars encounter
* Rewritten Icehowl encounter
* Added missing texts
* Added missing spells
* Implemented berserk mechanic on heroic diffs.
* Implemented Achievement requirement to make heroic diffs.
* Rewritten Barrett Ramsay scripts
* Added Barrett gossips and ported everything to DB.
* Added right Barrett in each encounter
* Removed a lot of hacks
* Rewritten Tirion Fordring script
* Rewritten Varian Wrynn script
* Rewritten Garrosh script
* Rewritten Wilfred event
* Rewritten Lich King event
* Updated codestyle
* Added missing spawns
* Fixed combat behavior before Gormok
* Fixed some visual stuff

Trial of Crusader TOC
Fear famous bug

I think everyone are know about famous bug related with Fear, when target are accelerating or teleporing and difficult for melee to control it.
Position synchronization

Hi guys!

I think many ppl have seen bug on big count of wow projects with position asynchronization. 

We have fixed it

movement synchronization
Opening web-site

We glad to present out new web-site and hope it will help you.

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