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Core software - RustEmu Core v2

Based on Trinity Core (fork)
Developed for several years, and has a huge difference in performance from public versions of other emulators.

The main purpose of the fork is to keep the code clean, check for memory leaks, crashes.

On the availability of content, this server is different from everything else, since the purpose of scripting is to maintain all the mechanics at the level of a neighbor without using "hacks" (crutches).

We provide scripting of all game framework : spells / talents and etc and using blizzlike mechanics

For example :

Full transport support - Pets and Totems on transports

Or mechanic of spell Vanish and Vanish Fade Delay

Or mechanic of spell Summon of Gargoyle

Also we provide full support for GeoData (all textures + full implement navmesh (net where npc can move)

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