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DM migrated on new project : at-wow.org
We should announce :
project deadmines has been ended. 
All accounts, characters saved and using in our new project : 


End project start new project
Breaking News
We make an interesting project, from a long-forgotten interesting feature : Breaking News

Here we can set a short and important news. But for this we need to prepare a special patch. I think we can do it and use Launcher for our project. Also we can implement with time a new HD models in future.

breaking news
First Login Account Bonus

Implemented system of First Login Account Bonus - bonus only for first character on account - now it's only money, but lately can be changed.

and video ofc :

FLAB bonus
Core/Entities: Warlock pet base damage table fix
Core/Entities: Warlock pet base damage table fix

This is a plot of all the wowwiki datapoints, with stock trinity and sunwells felguard for comparison. There are many datapoints that are missing, if anyone have any sources to fill in let me know asap, but there's reason to suspect Blizzard reduced the damage at lvl 60 and 70 for balancing reason back in the day. Other than that it seems to be more or less smooth curves.
This solution will scale the pets as illustrated on this image.
Interpolated the tables from wowwiki and kept it strictly monotonic, ignoring damage values lower than previous levels. This can be discussed, but the alternative would be the zigzagged progression as shown on the graph above. I suspect this monotonic will be closer to the actual blizzlike values as the wowwiki table is missing far to many data points in the 60-80 range.

warlock pet
Image for server info (advertising)
We prepared a image with server info:

Weekend experience x2
Hello guys!

We glad to present a bonus for new characters : weekend bonus farm x2 at already existed rate (x10).  (x20)
Hope will see your smile =)

Renew scripts after implement new Aggro-system

We started to fix our scripts after new Aggro-system.

DK zone
fixed quests:now working AI of prisonersEye now will move you at villageGhouls now have a full AI, will assist in combat (player and others ghoul) and will follow perfectly

Fixed scripts:Implemented AI for this npc. Now using all spells and AI features.
Changes in 2018
Fixed :is supposed to have 100% crit rating with the Flameshock debuff.
Starting from patch 3.0.8 it no longer generates threat.

- scripted spell "Burst At The Seams" (59576)
- added Pet Bar
  • Scripts/EasternKingdoms: implement Children of Goldshire event (#20745)
* Script: Implement Childeren of Goldshire

Notes: Need to update waypoints and default location of the childeren
Scripts/Deadmines: New script for Edwin VanCleef

- Blackguards are now summoned properly as part of the encounter
- Blackguards will despawn on evade
- Fixed scripted actions/speech on health
- Removed Blackguards from world DB
- Corrected VanCleef's damage
DB/Misc: Shadowfang Keep
This fixes a few small DB related issues in SFK:

Update Commander Springvales weapons to the correct pre-cataclysm ones
Update Lupine Horror and Slavering Worg to stand still
Add chain aggro to Worgs infront of Wolf Master Nandos
Add random movement to Razorclaw the Butcher

Shadowfang Keep
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