set realmlist

Sister Svalna rewrited

Fixed : * stuck on events * implement using shield and spear * AI * rewrited AI of captains and their using spells

New movement implementations

Implemented JumpMovementGenerator:

fixed next troubles:

* Death Grip

* Feral Cat - Charge

and etc.

Implemented support Charge movement for Transport:

Weekly update

Anticheat update:

* Rewrited time defenitions, now server takes into account delay between time when client sent packet and server receive it. It was actual trouble for connections by notebook with Wi-Fi connections.

Vault of Archavon:

* rewrited Toravon the Ice Watcher 

Wintergrasp :

* Tenacity should work correctly

* Teleporters for defender vehicles now really teleport

* Fix worldwide WG aura


* fixed Steelforged Defender - now has correct AI + working achievement Dwarfageddon

* fixed Clockwork Mechanic - now has correct AI + selectable

* fixed transport-train

Update pack

Implemented quest line for Quel'Delar

Updated our ASH (AntiSpeedHack) and AFH (AntiFlyHack) and corrected previous wrong detect in different phase. For example trouble with difference phase in Wintergrasp and kick in Workshop and etc.

Fixed trouble of teleport on mount, for example trouble of teleport on Arena on mount and kick.

Fixed Vehicle system, and now perfect working vehicle-mount in start dk zone, or guns in Wintergrasp, or guns on Battle of Gunships in IceCrown.

Anti-speedhack system

We have written own anti-speedhack system. Now unavailable all speedhacks- Gagarin, WPE and others.

Weekly Maintenance : Pet and Totems on Transport

We implemented new system : Pet and Totems on Transport.

It's actual for IceCrown - battle on gunships.

Also fixed some stucks in player teleport.

Sentry totem now spawning in correct position (near caster).

Corrected :

Scripts/Naxxramas: Fix an edge case crash with people teleporting out of the dungeon during the Patchwerk encounter

Scripts for Stranglethorn Vale NPCs.

Scripts for Hinterlands NPCs.

Scripts for Stonetalon Mountains NPCs.

Scripts for Dark Shore NPCs.

Razorscale Rewrited

Razorsacale Changes proposed:

* Fixed Harpoons behavior

* Implemented Engineers behavior

* Added Razorscale initial path

* Added missing spells

* Fixed Spell timers

* Added missing spellscripts

* Removed old hacks

* Added DespawnAtEvade method

* Updated codestyle

* Added missing texts

* Encounter fully rewritten

Auriaya rewrited

Auriaya Changes proposed:

* Added missing spells

* Fixed Feral Defender and added all missing spells

* Fixed Sanctum Sentry respawn/added missing spells

* Fixed spells timers

* Fixed some wrong db datas

* Updated codestyle and cleanup

* Scripted all spells related with this fight

* Fixed sanctum sentry number (2 - 10 man, 4 - 25 man)


Wintergrasp in development


* Game Over - prematurely

* No announcements on wall breach

* Bug Workshop

* Wintergrasp walls, doors and titan relic disappear after several runs

* Spirit Guide not working

* Walls & Workshops - Visibility Range

* Character flash at WG (Winter Tower Edge)